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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 5, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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. liz: friday night, guess what that means? tune into "wall street week" with maria bartiromo and "property man" at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: good evening, i'm charles payne, you are watching "making money." that's exactly what happened today. major averages racing higher today after the u.s. economy added 148,000 jobs in december. we saw closing record highs, a number of course was below expectation but the report showed signs that the broad market, the broad labor market is maintaining plenty of momentum coming into the year. december's gain was the 82nd consecutive month of job growth, unemployment held steady at 4.1%, although the headline number was disappointing and some of the estimates particularly after adp yesterday, there were remarkable parts of that report
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that are encouraging for all americans. the trend of lower unemployment rate continues for all racial demographics. look at black unemployment reaching a series low. all-time low, back to '72. 6.8% down from 7.9% a year ago. want to bring my panel into talk about the market, break down the economic momentum. liz peek and the hill contributor jillian melchior, stephanie hammel. stephanie, since it's your first time on the show. tonight go to you first. these numbers are remarkable, and it's interesting because there is a story of black and hispanic unemployment that's also woven in there, i no one is going to talk about in the mainstream media. what are your thoughts? >> charles, this is what i was thinking about. you are one of the few honest hosts and fox news as well. the mainstream media hosts are not talking about this, it
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doesn't fit the naturist and agenda. we're seeing black americans, hispanic-americans getting jobs and making money. when president trump talks about making america great again, this is exactly what he's talking about. we have the left who fearmongers and says president trump when he said he wanted to make america great again meant he wanted to make america white again. this shows it's completely false. his policies are helping all americans. charles: interesting, stephanie has the harbor behind her, makes me think the same tide lifts all ships. if you do the right things to move the economic needle, everyone benefits. this is before the tax bill. you have to imagine the momentum has legs? >> it's a good indication how suppressed the economy was in the obama era when we had the overregulation, a punitive tax system. i think another thing that i saw today that points to how everybody is benefitting from the economy is if you look at americans for tax reform,
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keeping a list of all of the companies giving out bonuses. that list is now 100. not talking about trivial benefits. talking about benefit hikes. thousand dollar bonuses, we're talking about wage increases for low income americans. those are positive things and completely refute the point this is only for the benefit. reporter: hundreds of millions going to charity as well. charles: i was thinking about reading that list, it would take more than 60 minutes to read the whole thing. so liz, again, one of these things and i guess can you argue against it, you can try to find flaws with it, but you feel something different, something in the aura of america particularly when it comes to economy. >> animal spirits, honestly. from the day of the election, optimism among consumers and business owners has soared. that has translated to better spending among consumers, better investment among business managers and as you point out the tax cuts begin to roll. in i think the thing that now we start to watch is wage increases. we saw it tick up in the wage
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growth in this particular month report. i think that's going to continue to accelerate. that is the next big thing for consumers and the economy. charles: what do you make of the way the market closed? today and i'll talk about it later in the market segment. saw a buying panic for the first time. there are a lot of professional money managers saying we got to get in on, this we closed at the high of the session in the market and many stocks. >> i agree with you. someone talked about so much resistance to the market and so much complacency, i don't think there has been complacency. people have decided that values were high, et cetera, et cetera, and the adage buy on the rumor sell on the fat, they sold on the tax bill got done, they are having to rethink that. i agree with you. charles: we for a goldilocks period right now? >> i think that's fair to say. part of why is the stock market is volatile, it's up today. may be down tomorrow, i think what we see that's positive and
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lasting is what we're seeing with labor force participation, what we're seeing with job growth, the wage trends, the signs of a healthy economy and that's strong and promising. >> i think the fed is going to have to stay its course with this report. that's one of the reasons the market likes it. charles: stephanie, last year president trump after the charlottesville situation lost his business council, the business roundtable which is critical, he leans on the private sector, wants input from the private sector, do you think now that the tax bill is done and agenda is worked on, the business leaders come back and say let's huddle up again because ultimately this is for the benefit of the entire country? >> yes, they probably will, knowing them, they would do it in secret. as you know the leftist, they put so much pressure on the business owners and business leaders, like if you look at the ceo of uber, remember they started the boycott, the grab
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your wallet people? and you're looking at what's happening right now. it's ludicrous when democrats and liberals are trying to give obama credit for the economy and jobs when we know it's completely false. obama, everything he did, rules and regulations were strangling the u.s. economy, but democrats don't realize when you have less government, that's when you create growth. charles: right, stephanie, on that point, i think a critical part of any successful economy is folks buying in. in other words, part of a successful economy is self-fulfilling. does the mainstream media do a major disservice to the average american by dissuading them that this is great economy or by deflecting what's making this economy do well? i'm worried about people not only in the market but may miss an opportunity to do things they dreamt of their entire life because of what they hear in the news? >> it's extremely reckless, irresponsible, unethical.
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i watch a lot of news all the time, the spanish channel too, and all they do is fearmonger about the president and his administration and what they're doing. they never talk about the good. they're talking about if you're an illegal in this country, this administration doesn't like you and want to send bach to your country. that's all they focus on. they need to talk about the economy. they need to inspire people and get behind this president. charles: the things that the reason america is a beacon, it's playing out right now, and that played in for air little bit and reminds me when president reagan came into office, the idea that animal spirits could exist in this country. when tocqueville came to the country, he marvelled at the idea everybody he bumped into thought could be a success. unlike europe, if you were born a peasant, you remained a peasant. in this country, everybody thought they could be something. he went to europe and said do you hear this nonsense? maybe it's coming back.
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>> it's noteworthy when the new york times is doing profiles on businesses drowning in regulation, and they did this great write-up of a firm, had an inspector show up. it was stifling their business, and here we're seeing regulatory rollback that is unprecedented since the days of reagan, something people of my generation have never seen. it will create a space to start a business. charles: in other words, remember president obama ran on high regulations after the aftermath of wall street saying they can't police themselves, and that's why the floodgates are open for so many strangling regulations, are you concerned that the pendulum has gone back too far or still too early? >> too early to say, i'm going point to, i think we're seeing a lot of small business growth and regulations that hit the little guy harder than corporations. corporations can afford it. charles: tough when you are starting a business and pay for the accountants and the lawyers and these people and those people and post the signs and it's nuts.
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and i think you're right, we're going to see entrepreneurship go through the roof. ladies, thank you all of you very, very much. on the other side of the spectrum. socialism takes a hit. a huge sad hit in the uk. thousands. tens of thousands of emergency patients stranded. surgeries delayed. you have a bad hip now, you will have a bad hip for a long time. we'll talk about the failures of socialism, when we come back. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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. charles: the socialist idea of universal health care taking another hit. british prime minister theresa may having to apologize to tens
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of thousands of patients whose operations were expected to be delayed to free up staff and beds, and they say to deal with emergency patients. earlier this week officials at the national health services in england recommended hospital's council all nonurgent operations next month. they have faced the uk more than 40 minutes after arrival. amy holmes political analyst and ally stuckey, conservative millennial blogger. alley, start with you, folks in your age group fantasize of socialism and love to get behind bernie. great, you get free hospital care, the problem is it's free if you can actually get it. >> yes, absolutely. so let me talk to those millennials, like you said, the majority of whom voted for bernie sanders in 2016, and 45% of whom apparently want to live in a socialist country.
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i want to talk to those millennials and honestly ask them when they're looking at the united kingdom and seeing the pain and the devastation that comes from socialized health care, is that what you want? that's what's coming to the united states if you continue to vote for far left leaders like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. we are going to be the people that are going to suffer from the brunt of that. it's not our parents, it's not our grandparents. it is going to be us, millennials, who are waiting in the hall ways, waiting for a kidney transplant, unable to get the medicine and the care that we need. we're the ones suffering from single-payer health care, not the older generation. i want the millennials who think they love socialism so much to look what's going on in the uk and see their own future. charles: amy, these stories aren't new. elton john flew to america for a major surgery he needed. gets back to the notion that nothing is free anyway and you pay for it one way or another. this is scary stuff when you think you're going to have an
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operation, 50,000 patients are told to wait. >> imagine the panic the patients must be feeling and have to wait, and when are they going to get the necessary surgery? p.j. o'rourke said this many years ago, if you think health care is expensive now, wait until it's free, and you pay not only out of your pocket but out of your health and your psychological well-being. one point i would like to make about millennials. while they may like socialism in theory, it looks good, when you look at behavior, they free market solutions, for example, the reason why obamacare had to have a mandate which has been repealed is to get the young people to buy into the system and cross subsidize older sicker people because they look at their own health and say why am i getting health care. charles: to pay for coverage that they didn't need. >> right. charles: so they didn't need for a few -- >> what i'm saying is you have to have a mandate, otherwise young people make the rational
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choice, i'm not going to get expensive health insurance i'm not using. charles: move forward to the elections this year, looks for 2018 and 2020 the democratic party is shifting further to the left and the kamala harris' of the world who take the baton from elizabeth warren, who raised a record amount of money for senate run, that may be a different story, and i think they're going to run on this platform nevertheless? >> absolutely. and i just hope that millennials are paying attention. we're the largest voting demographic out there, the largest generation that's been part of the country. consequently the most influential generation, we see millennials not just voting for the democratic candidates but far left candidates like kamala harris, like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, i hope they're paying attention to especially what's going on in the uk, like i said, we're the ones paying the price for this.
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not just in a dollar amount but our health. if you look at what's going on over there, it doesn't matter if you have free health care if you're not getting the health care that you need, and i hope that my generation is paying taepgz. charles: real quick, amy, and something closer to our hemisphere is venezuela, wasn't the economic juggernaut as the uk but it is another cautionary tale of how much of a death spiral that socialism can be? >> that country is absolute free fall. this is years ago when people couldn't get toilet paper, charles, that is how bad the economy there is because of central government control. i will add one more thing, we found out 53% of likely voters oppose the mandate, a majority of americans don't like the big government, big state solutions. charles: sometimes they vote for them. thank you very much. top republicans huddling the president at camp david trying to create a game plan for tackling the 2018 agenda. the problem is they all come to the table with their own ideas.
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. charles: president trump hosting top gop lawmakers and cabinet members at camp david today, and the agenda is simple, a very ambitious 2018 agenda how the gop tackles a myriad of issues. the white house releasing a statement outlining the topics of discussion, including economic growth we're enjoying and responsible immigration reform but chief economic adviser gary cohn told our very own stuart varney that the trump administration is tackling immigration and doing it quickly. let's watch. >> january is a big month for us on infrastructure. you will be seeing our infrastructure plan. we are going to get the approval process on infrastructure streamlined in a dramatic fashion. we're going to take the approval process down from about ten years to less than two years.
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we're striving for an 18-month approval process in this country. charles: with me now, john burnett, new york gop strategic adviser along with bob cusack, editor in chief on the hill. what's on the agenda is how do you get mcconnell, ryan and the other folks who work with each other? philosophically they're butting heads on the agenda items? >> absolutely, ryan is not talking about transportation, not talking about something that could add more money to the debt, but mitch mcconnell is and his wife is a transportation secretary. so mcconnell wants to be more bipartisan and get bipartisan wins or a big win like transportation in 2018. it's going to be very hard for ryan. remember ryan is watched very closely what he does on the immigration dreamer thing coming up later this month. the conservatives are against any type of amnesty. so ryan is talking about other things, like government reform
6:23 pm
and welfare reform, i think trump will say we can do welfare reform and transportation, but certainly trump has got to referee this thing. charles: let's not forget the infighting between the freedom caucus and the tuesday group that sank all the efforts to completely repeal obamacare. and in this particular case like for infrastructure, i think what president trump wants to do, he wants to get away from project based or the federal government's aside, states and the private sector do it. it sounds like a smart way because it would be more results oriented? >> absolutely, in states like california that already legalize marijuana, they can reinvest in their own state, right? so it makes sense, and also new york should do the same thing. president trump understands that he has to get infrastructure done, right? because infrastructure creates jobs, both white and blue collar, that's what he promised america, and be successful with that out the gate. daca is more tricky, however i
6:24 pm
think he's already put it out there. charles: how about the philosophical differences? you're a gop strategist, how do you deal with the fiscal conservatives and the moderates, and remind them this is a small window of opportunity we have. >> you look at with respect to okay, how much are you willing to put into it in terms of tax dollars, right? then look the the landscape. how can we incentivize the private sector come into invest. charles: right, bob, also infrastructure and the other issues, the democrats are going to have to come to the table. a few of them, infrastructure, for instance, you need 60. how does the president reconcile his own political party infighting or at least resistance and also take into account final way to bring some of the democrats across the aisle in this peak resistance period? >> charles, i think he's definitely going to lose republicans on transportation without a doubt. he's going to need the democrats and honestly whether it's house district or state
6:25 pm
and the senate, remember, there are a lot of democrats running in states that trump won in 2016, and half of them he won big, so if the transportation plan is good for democrat states, well, then how can they not support it. this is a situation where i think unlike health care, unlike taxes that republican leadership, like mitch mcconnell can divide the democratic party and divide charles schumer from someone like joe manchon in west virginia. charles: mitch mcconnell is definitely the man, the spotlight is on him for sure. >> absolutely. you look at two states with particular to the democrats wanting to hold onto the senate seats. joe donnelly in indiana, claire mccaskill. trump won the states by over half a million votes. 18% and 19% respectively. charles: overtures and willing to listen. >> they have to. charles: let's see if they actually cross the aisle. thank you, both very, very
6:26 pm
much. amid calls for draining of the deep state, fbi turns out that the bureau has been investigating hillary clinton for months. we've got details on that, next.
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. charles: some may say two probes are better than one. justice department refewing investigation into the clinton foundation for alleged pay to
6:30 pm
play politics done then by then secretary of state hillary clinton coming amidst the justice department reportedly reopening the investigation into the e-mail server and more specifically how hillary clinton and aides handle classified materials. after 18 classified e-mails were found on former congressman anthony weiner's laptop, the husband of one of clinton's top aides, in this case, huma abedin. with me ned ryun, former bush 43 writer and sarah carter, an investigative reporter. adrianna, you wrote a piece about the deep state, it feels like all of this stuff, a lot of it revolves around intelligence community and on both sides by the way, a bipartisan effort to keep their power and push back against president trump. what they also did to protect hillary clinton possibly? >> absolutely, you know if we look at what happened with the e-mail investigation, it was clearly a sham investigation. as you know, charles, the fbi
6:31 pm
exonerated hillary clinton before interviewing over 15dy witnesses including hillary clinton herself. you know, they watered down language to benefit her. they gave out immunity deals like candy to all of her associates and didn't hold her or any of her associates accountable for obstruction of justice, they destroyed evidence that was under subpoena, whether that was 33,000 deleted e-mails that was hammers to devices, they lost laptops. bleachbit servers, the criminality went on to such a great extent, it's astounding that the fbi would not find anyone, not even one of hillary clinton's associates guilty of anything, and clearly, i believe strongly that there was collusion and meddling in our 2016 election by these deep state type of fbi agents and the d.o.j. to benefit hillary clinton. charles: there's no doubt about that, but also sarah, you've
6:32 pm
been on top of this russia probe. i love your pieces, finally they finally hit the midnight deadline and nunes, give them the documents they should have given a long time ago, do you think he'll be able to break this open. it's obvious the deep state resistance has been an embarrassment. >> i think this is just the beginning, particularly the house intelligence community is going to get all the information and like you said andrew wiseman is in the hot seat, and he's the most important in the special counsel. he is considered mueller's pit bull. he was the same man who then supported sally yates when she defied the president's travel ban in order january which is the reason why she was fired, and i think there's a lot more to be discovered here. i was talking to people on the hill who told me this is just the beginning. there is a lot more information much not just peter strzok and lisa page's text messages, but
6:33 pm
more and more information is coming forward about other people within the fbi and this is within the fbi's higher echelons that insulated clinton and insulated themselves and really politicized the fbi, which is something that let me just take a step back here, the bureau and the agents that are working hard every day, this is something that they are not accustomed, to they don't want and want to see something done. charles: we always have to be careful not to disparagthem as opposed to the leadership, and the key folks in charge of the investigations that obviously had very strong bias, political bias against donald trump, then candidate trump, and now have to account for, perhaps, some poor investigations or lack of investigations of hillary clinton gone back many years. >> well, i was going to make a quick point. charles: ned, and i'll come back to you, sarah. >> not only, that charles, bibut i think the thing that is
6:34 pm
interesting the last 48 hours is the clinton server starting to spin up again. there have been major breakthroughs on the fusion gps front and lost in some of the news, the house intelligence committee has subpoenaed fusion gps's bank records and the judge as of yesterday said the house intelligence committee can have access to all the bank records and now we can actually figure out, charles, who fusion gps was paying media companies, journalists and business to spread their propaganda, and the thing that's interesting, the question that has to be answered, charles, two questions, devin nunes and chuck grassley and lindsey graham, the big question is was a piece of partisan propaganda used as justification to spy on u.s. citizens? and we actually know that because of the leaks, of the deep state and the opposition party willing to use those leaks, cnn reported in april of 2017 that, in fact, the fbi was using a dossier as
6:35 pm
justification to spy on trump associates and to break it down for your viewers, they were using the fusion gps dossier to apply for a fisa warrant to spy on carter page. this is scary stuff, charles, and the other thing i will add about the dossier, i think the question that needs to be answered is, if this partisan piece of propaganda was used by the fbi to spin up the entire trump-russia investigation, it calls into question the entire legitimacy of the mueller investigation and how much longer that investigation should last. charles: always questions about that and to this date i don't think the fbi said or acknowledged that they think it is real. folks, i wanted to come back to you i have breaking news i've got to share with the audience. great stuff. we have breaking news on the digital currency exchange website coin base issuing the statement that bitcoin buys and sales are temporarily unavailable. coin base says support team is investigating the issue and going to bring us updates as we get them.
6:36 pm
remember, the system that has grown like crazy around the world and they've had structural issues with this but not a great bit of news for a lot of people who put millions and millions of dollars into bitcoin. coming up, the dow rallied over 200 points. third straight record close and the best first week for the dow since 2006. i'll tell you what to look forward to next week, when we come back. with adt,
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buying. first sign that could be a huge day was the initially -- the initial reaction to the jobs report saw the dow edge higher after it was reported that 148,000 jobs were created in december. let's be honest, that's 100,000 less than most wall street firms are expecting. most people thought it was going to be a lot higher. when the market opened, stocks began to drift and look like this is one of the sessions where investors are going to be thrilled, solid first week, head home, hunker down against arctic blast covering the nation and then it happened, right around 2:21. the dow started to take up intra-day resistance points that buffed rallies several times and trigger series of bicycles, buying begat buying. closing at the highest level of the sessions as the closing bell began to ring. the result of the frenzy is the best first week of the stock market since 2006 and 74th high
6:41 pm
for the dow under donald trump. the first week of trading is a pretty good harbinger of things to come. historically 68% of the time as goes the first week, so goes the rest of the year. this morning with maria, i mentioned the jobs report was a goldilocks number, not too hot, wasn't too cold, one of the few challenges would be federal reserve action and for the record, i think the fed is going to play ball. not derail the rally because official inflation number is going to remain below level of concern for a long time. moreover when janet yellen hiked rates in december of 2015 to prove she was independent from wall street, the first week of trading in 2016 saw a $2.3 trillion loss in global equity markets. what was the message of the market today? once again, the only sector under pressure were utilities. you know, the same stocks, generally set aside for widows and orphans, wall street has
6:42 pm
determined upside potential for 2018 is too great to ride it out in high-yield stocks. now it is picks up momentum. it is a locomotive and investors are looking to buy on dips and indices and individual names. tech sector, the best performer today but the best individual stock was western union, lingering around in takeover rumors for some time it. popped good today. and consumer discretionary, the strong performer there, carmax. okay? bouncing off the bottom of the trading channel, people looking for volume. speaking of consumer discretionary, while stories of stores closing like sears and walmart made mainstream media headlines, and let's be honest to deny the trump economy. the modern-day gauge for consumer spending, shares of amazon surge to a record and close at the high of the session. of course, my two favorites, materials and industrial names continue steady rally higher,
6:43 pm
for those out there waiting for significant pullback and a correction, i continue to say they think you're fooling yourself. of course there's pullbacks and corrections, there always has been since the beginning of time. the underlying fundamentals are economy too strong to bet against this locomotive or wait for it to derail. president trump preparing to dole out what he's calling the most dishonest and corrupt media awards. just one of his biggest targets returning from suspension, remember, someone who bottled the report on him and sent the market into the free fall. i'm calling them the trumpies, we'll have the details next. to. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck. get a total value of over $9,600 on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial.
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. >> it's all fake news, it's phony stuff. >> fake news. >> fake news.
6:47 pm
[ laughter ] >> cnn, abc, the "new york times," and now michael wolff "fire and fury" book, president trump is set to take on what he's calling fake news when he gives out awards monday. trump tweeting -- . charles: so i'm excited about this, i'm going to tell you. this all happening now as we learn abc has reassigned brian ross, remember, the reporter who botched that report on donald trump in russia and caused the stock market to drop 350 points last month. here to discuss, liz peek, alley stuckey and jillian. >> i like it, i've always been a fan of the media, i'm a big fan of the press and respect the position that it has.
6:48 pm
charles: do you think it's living up to the way you romanticize it? >> exactly. i think that's the problem when it doesn't live up to function of being a watchdog of the government. that's what happens when your brain is on partisanship, you slip into sloppy reporting. brian ross is one of many examples we've seen over the last few months and trump's base is waiting fair leader to hold the media accountable, a media who feels they're an enemy of their own ideology. i think trump is trying to hold the media accountable and a lot of people appreciate it. i, for one am eager to see what it's going to be like. charles: amy, i got to tell you, it's been going in the wrong direction for a long time, but the hatred towards trump and conservatives is vitriolic, strips away rights, certain american constitutional assumption is and think it's unfair, but i am excited about
6:49 pm
monday. >> i was going to say i think the most people more excited to watch are donald trump's enemies in the media. this is a brilliant strategy. the only thing the media loves more than bashing trump is staring at its own navel. putting them in the headlines is brilliant. charles: i love to see category, best nickname. we had a new nickname. it would be a good one. how do you think it's going to play out? it's a brilliant idea, turning the tables is something president trump has done, and every time they say stop tweeting, he tweets more, and every time it's not presidential, he goes down the same path. i think he's winning. >> his base loves it. they don't trust the media. we've seen through gallup polling that the trust in the media is at an all-time low. but really this is not good, right? we would like to think -- charles: it's not. >> mass media, the big networks, the big newspapers
6:50 pm
are honest, and i thought it was interesting that the new publisher of "the new york times" made an overture. charles: he wrote about this. >> reestablishing credibility. maybe he didn't think that, he said we're not going to be party to group think. if anybody is group think oriented it is the "new york times." we'll see, you know? >> let's make this distinction, distrusting the media is good. it's good for the public to say, wait a minute, is this true? not true. i need to do more research. i need to read from other sources. i can't believe that "the new york times" put it on the front page what is not good for democracy is not only the bias which is relentless and it is historic proportions against donald trump, but the inaccuracies, reporting things that are false that are meant to undermine the democratic process and undermine the results of the 2016 election. charles: the articles and the pieces are designed to harm
6:51 pm
president trump. and when i started reading newspapers as a teenager, all the writers have biases, you read two or three, and find out the facts and come up with your own conclusion. should it be that way, alley? and do you think we can get back to perhaps where we are even if we romanticized it. and walter cronkite was never as unbiased as i remember them to be but can get close. >> you are old, charles. >> we have gotten more and more biased. less the media moves, the more they see themselves as vigilantes, they believe they have placed themselves on the right side of history, they almost kind of seem like they believe themselves to be heroic, like they're saving the public from donald trump's ideology which is a bad path to take. it's not their function. politico i think reported a couple weeks ago that 46% of the american public actually
6:52 pm
thinks that the press makes up completely falsefies reports of donald trump and 20% of those were democrats, which is crazy. they've got a huge problem on their hands. >> and by the way, i'm not that old, i didn't mention walter winchell. okay? appreciate it. >> president trump offering proposal for the border wall. this is not just talk, president trump is serious about getting it done. we're going to talk about the reality of getting it done, next.
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charles: president trump requesting nearly $18 billion from congress to begin to fulfill his vision for the border wall on the southern border. the funds would help correct 7 t 700 miles. joining me now to discuss, trial lawyer and back with us sara
6:56 pm
carter. of course this topic on the same day that kate stei steinle, they who killed kate steinle was sort of let go from jail, quifn time served, must echo more in your town and city, the idea of the border wall and what sort of compromise has to be made with respect to daca and sanctuary cities. your thoughts . >> yes. first of all i have to say as a republican and somebody who supported the president, that if he doesn't build the wall, it's going to critically hurt his chances for reelection. i'm counting on him to do that. but this $33 billion package, 18 for the wall, is actually going to fund a law that was passed in 2006 with the assistance of many of the democratic senators 0 opposing the law now were ron widen and chuck schumer all supported a secure fence in 2006 and now for political reasons they're trying to push the president to look at a clean
6:57 pm
daca bill that doesn't put any strings on it. and i think it's important that the president holds their feet to the fire and make sure that if a deal is done, the border wall is a nonnegotiable part of that. charles: that's a powerful statement that you made. without a wall president trump doesn't get reelected. to your point, does that mean, okay, his core followers would be supporters would be okay with the deal on daca, a form of amnesty. would that with a no-case writing off? >> it's not one for one. there are other issues that have to be included. including ending chain migration, including increased funding for board are security as well as i.c.e. and other aspects of security have to be done. in terms of the daca folks, i think the devil is going to be in the details. we have a couple thousand of them who are criminals. we need to enforce the laws. and i think a lot of supporters
6:58 pm
with not just supporters of the president but the americans would like to see a challenge taken to the sanctuary cities that are absolutely putting people in danger. charles: absolutely. sara, i saw you shaking your head. you feel the same way, this is a must, a do or die situation for president trump? >> i think it's important to him. i think that the laws that are already on the books needs to be enforced. they need to finish employers. and this is what i hear over and over again from border patrol and i.c.e. employers who are r hire illegal immigrants. the catch and release program, we saw when they stymied that, the flow stopped. another thing that needs to be considered is loopholes. i've been talking to i.c.e. agents and border proo patrol a. a male will come with a small girl or a woman with a small boy
6:59 pm
and they can't be separated. so instead of putting them in a housing area, a detention facility and sending them back, what they have to do is release them. it's another form of catch and release and it's flaw frustrati. charles: let's talk about daca for a moment. the obama administration, even though they laid out parameters for it, gave a lot of waivers. 49% of them have college education. do you try to fix daca if that's part of this bill? >> i think that they necessarily have to fix daca. they need to take a good look at it. there are a lot of concerns with daca. people who have tried to take advantage of the system, lying on their paperwork, lying on their referrals. that's something they've got to take a close look at. i think it's important to have balance here. and i think that's what the president is trying to say and the administration. look, we're willing to work with you, we're willing to work with
7:00 pm
daca but you've got to work with us too. charles: thank you very much. have a great weekend. thank you very much. we're doing well but it's all because of you. i appreciate it. happy new year. lou dpobs i dobbs is next right. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. vindication tonight for republican efforts to purge corrupt top officials of the department of justice. fox news has confirmed the fbi and federal prosecutors are investigating allegations of pay to play corruption at the clinton foundation. specifically investigators are looking into whether foundation donors were illegally given preference and access to hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. tonight i'll talk with one of the republican lawmakers who has been calling for months for a second special counsel to investigate the clinton


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